June 2010

1984 Attack on Akal Takht by (Sir) Mark Tully & Satish Jacob  (Read the Article)Excerpted from Amritsar - Mrs. Gandhi¡¯s Last Battle

It was BETWEEN ten and ten-thirty in the evening (of June 5, 1984...................!

July 2010

Nanakshahi Calendar: A Plea for Acceptance by

Dr. Kirpal Singh 

There had been well established tradition in India to start a new calendar from an event considered truly significant. A new calendar was initiated whenever a monarch ascended the throne (date of coronation) during the Muslim rule.  It was known as monarch¡¯s San-i-Jalus � then used in all books written during the rule of that monarch. Some of these books are: Akbar Namah, Tuziki-Jehangiri, Muasir-i-Alamgiri, etc........(Read More)


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